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  • XxFlamingBaconxX

    A smol quiz

    September 25, 2015 by XxFlamingBaconxX

    Mah smol quiz

    yee look ii made a quiz owo

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  • XxFlamingBaconxX

    AJW collab story?

    September 8, 2015 by XxFlamingBaconxX

    Yeah, I miss the good ol' AJW stories, the last one we had was Nunya's DIGITAL RIOT and it was MONTHS ago.

    aND since I suck at writing I'm gonna burden you with all the writing, haha, nerds. I'll just post all ajw story ideas here (If ye wanna post you…

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  • Pawprints2003

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    Pawprints2003 aka Pawprints2003

    1 Edits since joining this wiki May 24, 2015 My favorite wikis …

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